The Pueblo Revolt

Adrianna Merlino

What happened?

The Spaniards dominated the Pueblo people and ruled with terror. The invasion began in 1598, and they ruled for eight decades. When the Pueblo people resisted, they were enslaved or killed. The Pueblo people finally revolted and took hold of their land once again by driving most of the Spaniards out or killing them.

What did it signify?

For the Pueblos and the Spaniards during this time, religion was a huge deal. "Catholic missionaries had set out to detect the ancestral Pueblo world in every respect, including what people could believe and how they could marry, lives their lives, and pray." The significance of the successful revolt is that they fought for control over the land on and off and tried to drive out each other's cultural ways until the Spaniards received Mexican independence in 1821.
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What did it achieve?

The Pueblo revolt United the Native Americans in a significant way. Because the Pueblo's were taken over by the Spaniards, the other neighboring Indians were warned and "long before the revolt native people knew how to communicate across long distances." This united the Native American people as it also shows in this quote from the text "all were caught up in violent reverberations, as their works collided, ground against one another, and interlocked."

Can it be considered America's first revolution?

I believe that the Pueblo Revolt can be cool side red America's first revolution. I believe this because it was the first revolution that took place between the Native Americans and the Europeans on one of the continents of America. A revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system, even though the Natives wanted to go back to their old cultures before the Spaniards interferes.
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