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Photosynthesis secret uncovered


Finally we figured out how plants eat scientist Holly Jane figured out what it is. So we had Carly Larson go down to the lab to interview Holly Jane and inside the lab this is what she told us.

"The sun give off this type of energy called radiant energy. The radiant energy is then absorbed by the plant inside the chloroplasts where photosynthesis occur and in order for the plant to make its food chemical energy has to happen." Holly told us

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Still more to be discovered about photosynthesis

" Radiant energy is used to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose, and once the plant makes its food the plant releases oxygen into the air for us humans and animals use to breath. and in return we give the plants carbon dioxide to create more food."

" Is there anything else you might want to tell us? "

"Well there is more to be discovered, but for right now this is all we have."

Well there we have it photosynthesis remember in order for us to stay alive do not kill plant or trees we depend on them to keep us alive and they depend on us to keep them alive so save the plants.

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