GRASP Highlights

March 2016

FAFSA Time is Here Again!

GRASP advisors have been tirelessly helping students get their FAFSAs completed since January 1, when the FAFSA for the 2016-2017 academic year became available. Completing the FAFSA is crucial for students trying to receive financial aid, as a student's FAFSA results are the basis for how schools determine a student's financial aid package. From providing our in-school assistance to providing assistance at various library and community events to hosting a College Success Pizza Party/FAFSA event, GRASP is working to help students maneuver through the financial aid process and on to their next level of education.

GRASP visits legislators

In late January, GRASP staff, advisors, and interns participated in the 2016 Virginia College Access Network Day at the General Assembly and visited with legislators/aides from the districts in which GRASP-served schools are located. This is our opportunity to tell the legislators more about what services GRASP provides to students and emphasize our position about any legislation that might impact GRASP. We always enjoy seeing the process of government in action!

New Video for Students