Brainwashing in TV & education

Open your third eye


Television has evolved over the decades and has gradually become worse and worse to the point where it is used for brainwashing people and has had drastic negative effects on education across the world.

Body & conclusion

Experiments conducted in 2001 by Herbert Krugman proved that TV viewing interferes with brain activity by switching information that is processed from the left to right side. The left side is renowned for processing information logically and the right side processes information uncritically and emotionally (Alex Ansary). The definition of brainwashing is whenever there is a manipulated change in brain activity. It is interesting that kids are taught so much in school but are not educated on brainwashing, why is that? Public education was established in 1785 but did not begin to have an effect until the 1840’s. In the 1890’s a massive rise in government funded school buildings began to be constructed across the nation. The interesting link between all of this is that the Pentagon and Hollywood have been making films together since the beginning of silent films (Alex Ansary) History documents also show that the Pentagon made the approach to Hollywood movie producers and directors.

In school children are constantly fed information on a wide range of subjects but they are not taught recognition and identification, only book information. TV transmits information that is not thought about at the time of viewing (Tim Botley). It is still processed in the brain but as stated earlier it is processed emotionally. When things are processed emotionally the brain does not imply logic or intelligence. Humans brains were made to override information with emotion at the time of receiving the information. Humans do not consciously or rationally think about the information lurking within our unconscious depths at the time of transmission (Tim Botley). It is because of this that news corporations and governments take advantage of knowledge and use it on their people. Killing in the name of mother government is praised in TV and movies (Alex Ansary). The pentagon has taken advantage of TV and used it for subliminal advertisement for military recruiting.

Studies have shown that most of the TV programs are geared to less than a 5th grade comprehension level (L. wolfe). This is how our education rates are dropping like rocks across the country. It seems that we Americans are getting progressively more stupid. Studies note a decline in reading and comprehension levels in all age groups, Americans read less and understand less than 10 years ago, less than any time since research began to study such things (L. Wolfe). What is interesting is that TV viewing has more than doubled over the past 10 years. Obesity in Americas youth has increased by 26% over the past ten years. Multiple studies have linked this increasing stupidity of students to the amount of TV they watch (L. Wolfe).

People ponder how brainwashing works and how mass amount of people become affected. The key for brainwashing to be effective is the repetitions of suggestions (L. Wolfe). Somewhat just like when you train a dog by repeating commands constantly. Over time the commands will be engraved into the animals mind and whenever the animal hears the command it remembers it and obeys. Repeating simple lies over and over for months and years, until the lies become a life of their own and all the American sheep repeat them unthinkingly as common ‘facts’ (Tim Botley). With TV people constantly have their eye balls glued to the set, while being suck into a fantasy world their minds are being loaded with information to be emotionally processed. On average a person watches two hours of TV in one sitting, that is two hours of programming the brain. The constant visual stimulus fixates the viewer and causes the habituation of reaction and allows prefrontal and associated areas of the cortex to be dominated by the signal coming through the screen (L. Wolfe).

After all of this information has been provided there are few questions that remain. Such as; how did mass brainwashing come about? The most obvious reason that our minds are being controlled on a massive scale psychologically, is because our culture has been conditioned to a TV, radio, or paper (Alex Ansary). This was recognized in the early 1900’s and was used as a tool intelligently. Since the pentagon was making movies with Hollywood it noticed that if people see themselves doing something, they will eventually behave that way. Just like the mid 1900’s TV shows that would show dad reading the newspaper in the morning with his coffee and watching his games at night with the guys, or when the whole family gathers around the TV to watch a show or movie. The CIA noticed this trend in American culture in the early 1950’s during their MK Ultra program that was directly geared towards brainwashing. When you encourage the masses to behave this way you create a hive mind. A hive mind is a result of massive brainwashing that directs society towards conformity (Alex Ansary). Eventually you have a flock of sheep that believe everything you say and obey you.


Television has evolved over the decades and has gradually become worse and worse to the point where it is used for brainwashing people and has had drastic negative effects on education across the world. The evidence dates back all the way to the late 1800’s and has evolved to be more effective over the decades. The world is now a hive mind and is daily fed propaganda from every angle and the people don’t know it.