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Todd Brown – Review and Warning – Marketing Funnel Automation Partnership Coaching Program

Todd Brown offers a mammoth course BUT...

Todd Brown – Review and Warning – Marketing Funnel Automation Partnership Coaching Program

Marketing Funnel Automation Partnership Coaching Program

Whew! (Long enough title for you?)

Todd Brown offers a mammoth course on how to convert more leads using Marketing Funnel Automation.

Nothing bad to say about Todd. I am sure that his training is wonderful.


1) Do you have time to go through all of his course materials?

2) Will you need to outsource most of what he teaches?

3) Aren’t you interested in making money right NOW?

The Secret No One Else Is Telling You!

Okay. I have been saying this for years. The money online is not in “doing” what the 'make money programs' or products offered by the gurus are instructing you to do.

But instead…

The REAL money is in TEACHING the online money making methods. I cover this in some detail at:


Simply put – it’s NOT do what they (the gurus) say – but instead – do what they do.

Don't believe it?

Then go to your email box now and look at all of the offers.

They may be for:

- traffic generation

- selling on Amazon (FBA or otherwise)

- sales funnel conversion

- YouTube secrets

- social media money making secrets (a truly deep rabbit hole)

- or anything else

AFTER you have watched the video, webinar, or read the sales letter, teaching you how to make money with ‘the thing’ that it is being taught wait for the pitch at the end.

THIS is where the money is truly being made.

And here is the secret! It will ALWAYS (with rare exception) be an offer for a digital product (videos, mp3s, or e-documents (reports, etc).


Because the cheapest and MOST profitable way to make money online is to sell digital products.

How what we do is DIFFERENT!

We save you all the time you would spend:

- watching videos

- listening to mp3s

- creating sites

- outsourcing

- submitting to blogs

- writing articles

- creating websites, etc.

And let you make money the ONLY way that makes sense these days when it comes to the internet -- from the training being offered through the digital product sale.

The best part is that YOU don’t have to offer the training yourself.

Get the details and stop wasting money trying to do what the gurus 'tell you to do.' Start getting paid doing what they are actually doing!


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