Bald Cypress Swamp

Natalie York, Rachel Adams, Anna Wolf

Native Plants

  • Bald Cypress
  • Green Ash
  • American elm
  • Red Maple
  • Hydrangea
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Native Animals

  • Snakes
  • Wood Ducks
  • Barrel Owls
  • American Alligator
  • Bees
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Non-Native Animals

  • Eastern-Eared Bat
  • Southeastern Myotis
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Human Impacts on the Ecosystem

  • Deforestation
  • Damaging Pollutants
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Ecosystem Services

  • Services are provided for the animals (Bees, Owls)
  • The seeds from the Bald Cypress are an essential source of food for the wild life in the area.
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Protection and Conservations Laws

  • Battle Creek Cypress Swamp is a conservation area so it is a place where wild life and plants are under protection
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Impacts on Culture of the Region

  • The Bald Cypress are the official tree of Louisiana
  • The wood from the Bald Cypress are used often in carvings
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