Nuclear energy

By:Ethan Conklin and Ivan Ramos

How nuclear energy is formed

Nuclear power is derived from energy that is released when relatively large atoms are split in a series of controlled nuclear reaction. The resulting heat is used to boil water which drive a stream turbine to generate electricity.

Advantages and disadvantages to using nuclear energy

Some advatages are reactions do not produce air pollution or Carbon dioxide while operating nuclear power plants genarate about 20% of U.s electricity

Some disadvantages are that the processes for mining and refining uranium ore and making reactor fuel all require large amounts of energy. Nuclear energy produces radioactive waste.

Where this resource is found most abundantly found

Nuclear generation is most found in a the United States.

Harmful affects to the environment.

There are power reactors called breeders. They produce plutonium. It is an element which is not found in the nature however it is a fissionable element. It is a by-product of the chain reaction and is very harmful if introduced in the nature.Also nuclear energy produces nuclear waste

Nuclear energy is nonrenewable because uranium will eventually run out.Some alternatives to using this resource are solar energy,wind energy,and hydro electric energy