WeHo Enrichments 2013-2014

List of Enrichments from 2012 - 2013

Dear Teaching Staff:

My apologies, the Wiki links from my previous note are not working. Here is the list of last years Enrichments with approximate dates. Complete your survey -or- just shoot us a quick email with what Assemblies, Field Trips, Guest Speakers and Workshops from your grade (on this list) worked for you and your students. Thanks again!!

Enrichments 2012-2013 by Grade

Includes Assemblies, Bus Field Trips, Walking Field Trips, Guest Speakers and Workshops


Flamenco Dancers Assembly - All School

Veteran's Day Assembly - All School

Chinese New Year (Lion Dance and Kung Fu) - All School

Boris Ate a Thesaurus (Author/Illustrator) - TK-3

Mrs. P (Read Across America)- (Vanessa W.) TK-3

Black History Month (Safari Drum Circle) All School

Alvin Ailey Dance- K-2

Cinco de Mayo - All School



Bus Field trips:

Theatre Works

Los Angeles Zoo

Walking Field Trips:

Fire station- (Oct.-Nov.)

Library- (May)

Guest speakers:

STAR Eco Station


Book Fairy


(Ms. Craig. Mrs. Marsh-Weiss):

Bus Field Trips:

Kidspace Museum- (Mar)

24th St. Theatre- (Nov.)

Theatre Works-

Walking field trips:

Post office- spread out by class (1 in Sept., 1 in Jan., 1 in Feb.)

Fire station*-(Oct.- Nov.)

Citibank- (Nov. 9)

Pavillions- (Feb.)

Sheriff station- (April)

Library*- (May)

Guest speakers:

Bees- (Anytime)

Art- (Jan.- May)

Book Fairy

Antoinette Portis- (end of May)

1st Grade

(Mrs. Libby, Mrs. Pando, Ms. Salgado):

Bus Field Trips:

Tree People- (Mar. 22)

9 O'Clock Players- (Oct. 30)

Sea Safari Cruise- (1st week of May)

Walking Field Trips:

WEHO city planner- (Oct.)

Weho Library- (Oct., 1 class at a time)

Guest speakers:

Self Portraits

Art- (Friday's)

Bristol Farms Chef- (Feb./ Valentine's Day)

Mad Science, wacky weather- (Jan.)

Improv- (Nov. and anytime)

Photography Class-


Guitar sing-a-long - Hope L.


Book Fairy

2-3 multiage class

(Ms. Melzer):

Field trips:

El Portal Theatre- (Dec. 13)

Aquarium of the Pacific- pull 2nd (Nov.)

Sea Safari Cruise- (1st week of May, pull 1st)

Olvera St.-


Walking Field Trips:

WEHO city planner- pull 1st- walking tour (Oct.)

Andaz Hotel Day of Giving


Guest Speakers/ Workshops:

Art- Alexandra Fisher and Kevin Johnson

Self Portraits (with Ms. Melzer or Alexandra Fisher and Kevin Johnson)

Sheriff- (Nov.-Dec. Pull 1st.)

Canvas Painting- She needs the canvasses but will lead the enrichment herself. (Jan)

Improv- (Jan.-Feb.)

V/O studio- Will come to class. (Jan.-Feb.)

Origami- (Jan.-Feb.)

Paws for Learning- (Feb. 28)

Trash for Teaching- (end of Feb.)

Heal the Bay- (Mar.-April)

Caterpillars- (Mar.-Apr.)

Yoga- (beginning April)


Book Fairy

2nd Grade

(Ms. Chun, Mrs. Sakai):

Field Trips:

El Portal Theatre- (Oct./ Nov.)

Aquarium of the Pacific+- (Nov.)

Natural History Museum with Butterfly exhibit plus Cal. Science Center-

(mid to late May)

Guest Speakers/ Workshops:

Career Week: Weather (10/22)/ Medicine/ Arts(10/24 or 25)/ Social Worker (10/23)- (10/22-10/26) (Fritz Coleman, 10/22, 10:30am; Elizabeth Goechius, 10/23 am; Lyn Bradley, either 10/24 or 25)

Paws for Learning- (Feb. 28)

Origami- (Jan.)

Trash for Teaching- (end of Feb.)

Bees- (May)

Caterpilars -

Book Fairy

3rd Grade

(Mr. Acosta, Mr. Norr, Ms. Simon):

Field Trips:

LA Philharmonic, Disney Concert Hall- (Tues. 2/5, 10-10:45am)

LACMA Metropolis Exhibit-

Rancho Los Alamitos Hands on History-

Guest Speakers/ Workshops:

Positive Motion-

Mad Science, Light and Color- (a Wed. or Fri. in Nov. or Dec.)


Lego Robotics-

4-5 Multiage class

(Mr. Abney):

Field Trips:

San Gabriel Mission- 3rd and 4th (Feb.)

LA Philharmonic- with 3rd Grade pulled out to join the other 3rd grade classes (Tues. 2/5, 10-10:45am)

Columbia Space Center- (Jan. or Feb.)

Autry Museum- for 3rd and 4th (Mar.-May)

Out of Town Trips:


Sacramento- 4th grade only. (May 10)

Guest Speakers/ Workshops:

Etiquette Luncheon- pull 4th Grade (before Spring Break)

Positive Motion-




4th Grade

(Mr. Navarro):

Field Trips:

San Gabriel Mission- (with 3/4). (Feb.)

Autry Museum- with 3/4. (March-May)

Santa Monica College Planetarium-

Out of Town Trip:

Sacramento- (May 10)

Guest Speakers/ Workshops:

Mad Science: Electricity- (Nov. 5, 11-12pm)

Etiquette Luncheon- Mr. Abney's Fourth Graders will be joining-

Positive Motion-


5th Grade

(Mr. Martini):

Bus Field Trips:

Planetarium: http://www2.smc.edu/Planetarium/ (Apr.-May)

Museum of Tolerance-

Walking Field Trip:

House of Blues -with Ms. Russo's 5-6.

Out of Town Trip:

Catalina Camp- Mr. Abney will go. (Spring)

Guest Speakers/ Workshops:

Ballroom Dancing

Positive Motion-

5th and 6th Grade

(Ms. Russo):

Bus Field Trips:

Skirball- (Nov. 8)

Museum of Tolerance-

Walking Field Trip:

House of Blues

Out of Town Trip:

El Capitan Camp- (late April- early May)

Guest Speakers/ Workshops:

Ballroom Dancing*

Positive Motion

Link to Caines Arcade - Would you like your class to attend an Assembly centered around the story of Caines Arcade and intro to Project Based Learning: YES -or- NO

9-year-old Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation building an elaborate DIY cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store, and asked people to play. The entire summer went by, and Caine had yet to have a single customer, until one day, a filmmaker named Nirvan Mullick stopped to buy a door handle for his car. What happened next inspired this movie, and launched a global movement to foster imagination and creativity in kids everywhere.

Don't forget to:

FILL OUT SURVEY (if not already done)
OPEN TARGET GRANT and either fill out or PASS ON INFO TO COMMITTEE for completion
SCHEDULE A TIME TO MEET FELLOW TEACHERS per grade to brainstorm new ideas, direction and/or units of study

No need to REPLY ALL

Thanks again!!

Angela Galletta

(Joseph Levy's mom)