Mrs. Dickau's Classroom News

February 21

Upcoming Dates

February 21- Book Summaries Due

February 24- Book Project are due this week

February 27 Science Fair

March 10 - No School


Everyone has chosen a book and a book project. Summaries are due on Friday. We started the draft in class, but the work to finish the summary and the project will be done at home. Presentations will be next week. Your child should know their due date.

Students will be graded on the quality of the project and the presentation. It’s a good idea to practice at home.

What's Happening in Math Right Now?

Equivalent fractions were introduced last week. We’ll continue to practice this week. We'll continue on with comparing fractions

Hopefully, everyone will be able to complete IXL Q1 this week.


Ask your child to show you how accurately they can complete the following problems:

25,685 + 16,749 = n

4,256 - 2,758 = n

45 x 36 = n

582 / 4 = n

If your child has difficulty with these problems, a little practice might be in order.

The link below will take you to our class Moodle site.


This week we will try to take some practice MCA tests on line. Clicking on the link below will take your child to several practice tests. This week I would like every child who has access to a computer to try to take Math Test Unit 1. Students who don't have a computer will take it at school. After taking the test, the test can be sent to my email address.