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Philosophy of education

My views on school have changed a lot in the last 2 years, being at 3 different schools and then entering into Sonoma Mountain. I was transferring from Headwaters, so I was really excited to get out of there and go to a better school. I was hoping that Sonoma Mountain would be better than the past schools I went to and it definitely is.

I definitely agree with some parts of the public schooling system, but others I don’t. I don’t agree with things like the amount of homework given at a regular high school, it can be overwhelming and stressful. I think it’s definitely important to be educated, you really do need to know a lot of the things you’ll learn in school, however you won’t use a lot of it as well. I think that 13 years of necessary school might be a little much.

To achieve my first career goal would require a lot of skills. I’d say my first career goal would be to play an actual show in front of a crowd, since my full career goal is to be a guitarist. Some skills required to do this would be hand-eye coordination, experience playing guitar, and good communication in talking to people to book the show. Good communication is one of the most useful skills out there I think, though many are very important and useful. A couple more useful skills would include responsibility, honesty, and leadership. These qualities will help in pretty much every situation I can think of.

I have definitely made some positive changes here at Sonoma Mountain. My grades at Casa Grande were definitely not great, I had pretty much straight C’s. My grades at Headwaters were good, but still not where I wanted them to be. Once I came to Sonoma Mountain, that changed, and now my lowest grade is a B-. I’m proud of myself for stepping up my grades, but the change of pace and smaller scale environment helps a lot with this.

My future education goals will be to finish high school. I don’t really plan on going to college right now, because I don’t feel like I need it to do what I want to do for a living. I feel like I would only be going to college as a fallback if my music doesn’t turn out right. However, I don’t want to spend my time focusing on my second option, I’d rather spend my time working on what I love to do and what I want to do as a job.
Introductory Video


All things considered, I’ve had a pretty good experience in this class so far. One thing I definitely enjoyed about this class was learning about the advancement in technology about robots. I started to lose a little interest after a while, but at first I was really interested by it all. I had no idea that robots were this far along in development, I had almost forgotten about them entirely, so this unit definitely gave me a new perspective on robots. One thing that was a bit challenging was keeping up with all the work, but I managed to do it fairly well I thought. Something Mrs. D could do the same is the way she’ll point me back on track if I start to get a bit distracted. One thing I could do differently, however, would be to get back on track myself.

An assignment I enjoyed doing in this class would be the Ralph Cantor presentation and response. I thought that I did a really good job summarizing and reviewing it, because his presentation was really interesting. He did a really good job keeping it interesting and not staying monotone and boring the whole time, especially for a presentation like that one, which took almost two hours. He wasn’t super strict about everything either, you could tell he actually liked and cared about what he was talking about because of how he was so comfortable with the topic. I think it was a really good presentation overall, and I definitely learned something from it.

One other assignment that I enjoyed doing was the blackout poem assignment. We took a picture of two pages out of All Quiet on the Western Front, and scribbled out words on the pages to make it totally different from the actually book. Then, we had to record ourselves reading it out loud. I enjoyed doing this because we got to be creative and make practically a new story out of another story, just by scribbling out some of the words. I thought I made a pretty different, kind of funny story out of the words on the page. At first, I had a hard time thinking of how I wanted to structure it, but once I got going I didn’t find it too hard to keep going.


One thing I enjoyed about History class was the creative projects, like the ones where we got to use paper 53 or google draw. I liked those because it was a chance to kind of show my creative ability while still staying within the range of history and schoolwork. I think that one thing that Mr. Anderson could do the same as a teacher would be the way he goes in depth to explain things rather than just going over it really quickly, it’s much easier to actually learn things that way and it sticks in your memory rather than just going in one ear and out the other. And one thing I could do the same as a student is continue to get all of my work in.

An assignment that I enjoyed doing was the Create Your Own Propaganda Poster assignment. The project itself is pretty self explanatory, we were supposed to just make a propaganda poster enticing someone to enlist in their country’s military. When there’s an assignment I actually enjoy doing, I don’t mind doing it so I work harder on it without even really trying to. So I thought I did work fairly hard on this project. I chose this specific assignment to write about because it was something I thought I did a good job on, being that it wasn’t the easiest one. I also thought this would be a good one to share because it was a creative assignment that was unique to the person, not just a worksheet with right and wrong answers or something. I thought this assignment challenged me as well as showed me what I can do in this area of work.

Another assignment that I enjoyed doing was the Causes of World War 1 assignment. The directions for this assignment were to summarize the four main causes of World War 1 on a google classroom document, then make either a google draw or paper 53 document showing these four causes. I got the summarizations done pretty quickly but I got stuck on the Google draw portion of the assignment, I wasn’t really sure how to draw the ideas of causes. I figured it out fairly quickly after that, but it definitely made me think outside the box, having to come up with pictures of non-physical things, and that’s why I thought I’d share this assignment. It definitely challenged me to think of what to put, but after a bit, I figured out what to do, and I thought I did a good job on it.


My experience in this class has been good. None of the work was way too hard, and if I didn’t get it at first, it wouldn’t be too long until I did. All of the work that was assigned I felt like I did a good job on and completed. I really don’t like math, but this class wasn’t bad at all. I like how it’s integrated math, and not just algebra or just geometry, etc. When it’s just one specific part of math, if you don’t get something, it can be really hard to go on because it just keeps building off of that. However with the integrated math, if you don’t get something, you’ll be learning about something new in a day or two. I think a mathematician is someone who studies, breaks down, teaches, or analyzes math for a living, or for fun, but I don’t know why you would do that for fun.

One assignment we did in this class that challenged me was the padlet assignment. We were each given an equation, and were told to solve it multiple ways. I’m really not used to doing equations two different ways, or even more than one time at all, so this was something sort of new to me. I figured it out alright though, and it didn’t take way too long to figure out, but it definitely was something I wasn’t used to doing, therefore, it challenged me. I thought this would be a good assignment to share because it shows that I can adapt to new concepts, and that’s what learning math is all about, understanding and adapting new concepts.

Another assignment that we did that I enjoyed was the site we went on for the math game where we had to move the line on the grid to somewhere else using rotation, reflection, and translation. Yes, it was a game, but it really made you think visually trying to imagine how to rotate the given line to match or be parallel to another line. It was a nice change of pace to play a game in math rather than just work out equations and stuff, so I thought this would be a good assignment to share. This was a really useful educational game and I did pretty well with it. I passed all the questions and it wasn’t too easy, nor was it too hard. It’s harder than you think it is however, because it’s just moving a line, but when you only have 3 options to move it once at a time, it’s a bit challenging.


My experience in this class has been pretty good overall. There were a few activities in this class I didn’t really mind doing, like the ones on explain everything. I didn’t think the work was too easy or too hard, it was a bit challenging at times but never completely impossible or anything. The amount of work wasn’t too much or too little either, so that was good. One thing that you could do differently as a teacher is just to not stay on the same topic for a really long time, after about a month of the fracking unit I kind of lost interest. One thing I could do the same as a student would be to keep getting my work in consistently and to do it well. I think I’ve been pretty good about getting my work done so far in this class.

One assignment that I enjoyed doing was the one we did on Explain Everything called The Combustion of Methane. The directions were to make the four atoms involved in methane combustion, show what happens when it combusts, and explain it. It was fun to play around on the app with all the grouping and orbits and stuff you could do with the atoms. It wasn’t really a hard assignment, though when technology starts to mess up it’s really hard. I didn’t quite get how to use the app with making the neutrons and protons orbit around the atom but I eventually got it to work pretty well. I would give myself a A on it all things considered. I thought I did a pretty good job on it, it wasn’t too hard or overwhelming at all, it all made sense to me, so I did it fairly easily.

Another assignment I enjoyed doing and that challenged me a bit was the second current event project. I had done one current event prior to this one, so I had an idea of what I was doing, but this one was a bit more challenging because the article was quite a bit shorter and there wasn’t nearly as much to reflect on or to write about. I thought it turned out really well, I would give myself an A on this project as well. I worked pretty hard on this assignment, I went in depth in everything and summarized it pretty well, and I thought my reaction paragraph to it was well thought out and written.

Music Appreciation

I think music appreciation is a fun class because I am really into music. I like that we usually get to be creative and try to make music using garage band on our iPads, which is really fun. With the features on garage band, you can play instruments on the iPad, and record it, then put different instruments over it and combine a bunch of instrument recordings to make a song. It’s nice to have a class that involves something I love, music. It’s also nice to have diversity in the class, because we switch the topic to different kinds of music every class. We have also watched a few really interesting documentaries in this class, like the one on Ray Charles, or the one about Muscle Shoals. I’ve learned a lot about the history behind some music in this class, and it’s made me look at things from another perspective.


Kyle Foster, 16 year old student from Petaluma

Islam Abu ELezz

Dazed and confused-Led Zeppelin by Islam Abu ELezz


1. A memorable learning experience is when we learned about the causes of wars.

2. This experience made me more well rounded in my history knowledge.

3. I've discovered that I am a quick learner and that the slower atmosphere has helped me a lot.

4. My attitude about school has completely changed, coming to school isn't even nearly as dreadful as it was before.

5. The staff can keep offering help to students if they think they need it.

6. My parents can give great moral support and encouragement with grades.

7. I enjoy coming to school here much more than previous schools.