North Dallas Friday Publication

Week of November 2

Notes from Dr. Valadez

Thanks to you and your counselors for a great Red Ribbon Week! The students and staff seemed to enjoy giving the boot to drugs!

Housekeeping Item! Share this SMORE with your office managers to input campus events on the link below. The link provides your office managers with instructions on how to enter campus events along with the link on where to enter them! Take care of this ASAP!

2015-2016 Campus Event Tracker for Trustees

We have completed the RM walks. Overall, our feeder is doing a great job of implementing the program. We will be sharing our findings at our next meeting, November 12th.

Please continue to perform spot observations on teachers and provide face to face feedback to those who need the additional support. I have included a section for TEI dates and reminders.

Let's make it another great week!


Instructional Tidbits

Lesson Objectives and Demonstrations of Learning

Mathematics - The Middle School Mind

Oscar Rodriguez

Listen & Learn: Episode 3 - Mathematics - The Middle School Mind by Oscar Rodriguez

Literacy - Habits of Discussion

Oscar Rodriguez

Listen & Learn: Episode 2 - Literacy - Habits of Discussion by Oscar Rodriguez


November 5-1st DTR Application Deadline

November 9-Deadline for Primary Evaluators to either verify or return DTR application forms for Wave 1 DTR applicants

November 12-All Wave 1 DTR applications verified

December 1-Summative performance evaluation deadline for consideration for DTR for New to Dallas ISD, No Level, or No Scorecard teachers with at least three CYS to be considered DTR-eligible and invited to apply for Wave 2.

December 15-SLO Goal-Accomplishment submitted (one semester course only)

DTR Observer Required Training

DTR observations will begin the week of November 8th. Please ensure you have attended the required training to ensure all are prepared to support the 2015-16 DTR season.

Content Specialist (CIC, AF, or Coordinator) Training

Nov 2nd at 9:30am at Nolan Estes

Nov 2nd at 4:30pm at Nolan Estes

Nov 3rd at 9:30am at Bonham Elementary

Nov 3rd at 1:30pm at Bonham Elementary

Nov 3rd at 4:30pm at Bonham Elementary

Nov 4th at 9:30am at Bonham Elementary

Nov 4th at 1:30pm at Bonham Elementary

Nov 4th at 4:30pm at Bonham Elementary


Please encourage your teachers to attend the ACP viewings being offered. Elementary viewings will be held at Adamson HS and secondary will be at the Buckner Building.


Register Here!

Community Conversations with Dr. Hinojosa

Join Superintendent of Schools Michael Hinojosa in an informal meeting to discuss topics that are important to you and to give feedback and suggestions about issues affecting students and the district.


Remember to set your clocks back one hour before you go to sleep Saturday Night!


Have a great learning week!