Jacob Riis

Kryslyn, Mack, David. Pd. 7

3 facts

  • He wanted to make the "slums" in the lower east of New York more sanitary and family safe
  • He wanted to help the homeless
  • He wanted to help everyone find home, jobs and food


  • Helped south east New York become a better place and brought a lot of lives together
  • Raised a lot of money from the "upper class" and had the vlounteering throughout the city
Jacob Riis was a Danish American Social reformer, "muckraking" journalist and social documentary photographer. He used photography to document the appalling conditions under which the poor were living in New York City. He wrote an autobiography called the making of an American in 1901
Jacob Riis was the voice for the poor, he was one of the many poor Americans that stood up for what was right. Jacob himself was starving and had in and out jobs, the stuff he has been through helped him write the books and autobiography.