Danger Under The Surface

by: Jacob c.

the megalodon

Being eaten by a 110 ft long shark may not be on your agenda, but you don't get to choose what dinosaur you get eaten by. The megalodon... its viscious, large, and fast. They lived 17 million years ago, and dominated the marine food chain... for a long time.

they hunt mostly large animals, such as, whales, and giant squids. Their teeth are measured at 4.7 inches tall and 2.3 inches wide. the biggest teeth ever found were 9 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

these dinosaurs are by far the biggest sharks that ever lived. their jaws are 13 ft tall and 9 feet wide. making this an incredibly scary animal.

marine biologists have caught video of a front fin swimming by a camera and 9 seconds later a tail fin swimming by. They still do not know if this is a modern day megalodon.

As you can tell by this information this shark is the most viscious shark that ever lived.


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