David Walker

Kobe Phillips

Impact on the abolition movement

David walker was an author from Wilmington, NC who was born on Sept. 28, 1785 and died on June 28th, 1830. He grew up with a free mother. his dad was a slave but died before Walker's birth. Being in the south made a great impact on Walker's view of slavery. Walker moved around the country trying to get away from it and settled in Boston in 1827. He began a sewing business and began writing what would change the abolition movement forever. Walker began writing a 76 page pamphlet that would urge African Americans to fight for freedom and equality. There were 4 editions to the pamphlet named:

1. Together with a preamble

2. To the coloured citizens of the world

3. but in particular

4. Very expressly.

They were distributed and spread around from Boston to New York by smuggling them on ships. These pamphlets caused a lot of controversy in the slave bearing states and many people wanted Walker dead. After 3rd edition of the pamphlet was distributed, Walker was found dead at Boston circa after refusing to move to Canada like many of his friends had suggested. David Walker changed the mindset of slaves across the country and potentially began the revelation of the abolitionist movement. He was very successful in all of his works.

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David Walker, the Abolitionist