Unalienable Rights

Something everyone should have.

Why everyone should have unalienable rights

Unalienable rights are something that everyone needs to have. Unalienable rights is the facts that one should have rights no matter what, such as ethnicity or gender. Unalienable rights also mean the rights made by our Creator, and like the Creator, the rights are forever. This is important so that everyone is equal. One may argue that unalienable rights are harmful because unalienable rights supports self-defense. However, unalienable rights are beneficial because then everyone would be equal and have free speech.

One may argue that unalienable rights are dangerous because it supports self-defense. They would say that it is dangerous because speeches, and parts of religions may clash with laws of the government. This would cause chaos and much fighting. However, if the government was to not restrict religions and rights of speech, then nobody would fight for it. Therefore, it would be a peaceful and safe nation. According to breitbart.com, "the government did not give them and therefore cannot take them away, but the government still strains at ways to suppress them. " Therefore, if the government won't give the people their freedom, the people would fight back, so the government won't take anything else away. The government would fight back, and there would be many fights.

Unalienable rights are very beneficial because it supports equality. unalienable rights support equality because everyone has rights and no one should be able to intrude them. The rights are rights of free speech and religion, the right to keep and bear arms, self-determination with regard to one’s own property, the right to be secure in one’s own property, the right to a trial by a jury of one’s peers, protection from cruel and unusual punishment, and so forth. This way everyone is equal and have similar rights.

Finally, unalienable rights support consent of the governed. Free speech allows for one to speak out against what one likes or dislikes. Also, with these rights, one would be content and have less complaints to make about the government.

Unalienable rights could be dangerous to a government, but if the government doesn't make cruel, oppressive laws, no one would rebel. Also, unalienable rights support equality and consent of the governed.