Mike Lupica

by: colton sherwood


Mike Lupica was born on May 11 in 1952, he was born in New York and still lives there. He has 4 children with his wife Taylor Lupica. He started writing there but he started off by doing newsletters about the New York Knicks in the New York news papers, which he joined in 1997. Around 30 years he stayed with newsletters, magazines, and sport biographies before he started doing his non-fiction sport novels. And after he wrote some of his novels he became a sports caster on ESPN and soon got his own show called" The Mike Lupica show" on ESPN 2. He also co-wrote autobiographies with Reggie Jackson. All of his books have shot up the New York best time seller.


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Game Changers

Ben is an athlete in every sport he just gets done fighting for a championship in football and getting his position at quarterback over the couches son. And right after its basketball season. Bens team one the last years championship, Ben thinks this year well be the same way until the first game up against there rival gets a new player Chase that is also a point guard like Ben. They are both good players but Chase has a big mouth and likes to talk trash. Well Ben back his big performance from football or well he get caught up with the trash talking and competition of winning over his close friend Lily.


Tyler the best running back in his league the one that everyone called the untouchable be able to play this season for his team. Tylers town is a getting poor from people living and they do not have enough players to fit a team. Well Tyler be able to get enough people for a team. And round up enough money for jerseys and there equipment. Or well he not make the dead line or get enough people.

Travel Team

In the story, Danny Walker, the main character, gets cut from the town travel team because he is too short. Danny is one of the best players in the town. Since Danny gets cut from the travel team, his dad decides to coach his own travel team with Danny on it. After the first practice, their team looks very bad, and Danny is certain that they will not win a game. Danny was about to quit the team, but then Colby Danes, the best girl basketball player in their league, and Ty Ross, joined his team. Ty Ross is the best basketball player in their league and he quit the travel team that cut Danny to play with him at the end of the season. Danny’s team then beat the travel team that cut him and made it to the state championship! But then, Danny’s dad gets in a car accident and cannot coach at the championship game. This leaves Danny alone to coach his own team. Will Danny’s magical season come true? Or will they get beat in the championship?