Humanities Newsletter

November News

Facebook Project

We started off the quarter with Facebook. No need to worry, though, it wasn't the actual site, and it went along well with our current subject. The class had been learning about the Enlightenment and their thinkers and how much the ideas really impacted the world for today. The assignment had the class make a Facebook page for one Enlightenment thinker. The fake page had to have the person's biography, their acquaintances, the major beliefs and values, major accomplishments, and their lasting effect on the Enlightenment Era and modern thinking. While paying attention to the historically accurate part of the project, we could add some of the new-age twist. With this project, we learned more about the Enlightenment, the thinkers, and how the world, as we know it, came to be, all while showing our creativity.

Frankenstein Movie

On November 2nd we saw the movie Frankenstein. The movie was about how Dr. Frankenstein wanted to create life. During the Enlightenment, philosophers focused on the importance of logic, scientific method, and that knowledge can be gained by reason. After watching the film, we wrote a paragraph about whether we thought Doctor Frankenstein was an Enlightenment philosopher or a Romantic thinker.


Our humanities class just finished reading the book Anthem by Ayn Rand. Anthem is about a society in the future. The work "I" doesn't exist. Equality 7-2521 lives among his brothers in a world where everyone is equal and no one has much independence and values.

After reading Anthem, we are to now compose and anthem for Anthem. We were put into groups to put together a creative and challenging project where we must showcase the story of Anthem.


Most recently, the class has been learning about a perfect world, or at least, seemingly perfect. Dystopias have been a big topic that we've looked into, narrowing it down to four major types of Dystopian controls: Corporate, Bureaucratic, Technological, and Philosophical. A part of a movie, The Matrix, was played and showed us one example, and the movie 2081 showed us another. In 2081, everyone was equal. None were stronger, more beautiful, or more talented than anyone else, they were all the same. one teenager is taken away for being a dangerous criminal. His crime, being himself. The movie showed us how things could be the complete opposite of what they seem, the bad is good and the good is bad. In this movie, equality had been taken too far. The main character took a stand against the society that was taking the uniqueness from people, leaving them with what they would call 'normal', or acceptable. It only takes one voice to realize what is right, may not always be right.