You want to own your own business?

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Watch the Video and tell me ...

1) Why is it important to know your customers?

2) Why should I get multiple opinions on my marketing campaign?

Top 10 Marketing Failures: Coke, Ford, Netflix

What Business are you in to?

Using the Worksheet provided (or answer the following questions in your notes), complete Your Company Profile.

1) Name of your company

2) Description of your company

3) What are product or service are you selling?

4) Who are you selling it to?

5) Who are your potential customers?

$$$ Show me the money $$$

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Form groups of 3 - 4 students.

  1. Using the chart paper provided, Brainstorm ideas on ways to sell your product/service.
  2. Write your product/service in the middle
  3. Create branches of different ways/media to market your product/service e.g. Billboard, YouTube, magazine
  4. Create more branches of when it is best to use each type of media to advertise your product/service.

Let's make a Website

WATCH either one of the Weebly Website tutorial.

Weebly 2015 - Introduction tutorial to Create a Free Website
Weebly 2014 - Introduction tutorial to Create a Free Website
How to Delete Weebly Elements Efficiently - Weebly Tutorials, Tips and Tricks (

Your Mission...if you choose to accept it...

Go to

Create a 3 page Website for your Business Venture

1) Home Page - About "us/me"

2) Photographs of products available OR descriptions of services offered

3) Contact information

EXTENSION of Learning

4) Customer requests form

5) Customer service guarantee

6) Owner Biography

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Email me

Email the link with the Weebly website to: