All about Mr. P

Things that are important to me

I am a huge sports fan!

I played Basketball and Soccer my entire life, including in College! I grew up playing for Jimmy Lee, and then for DeLaSalle High School. I then played at Hamline University in College. Right now, I coach both High School Soccer and Basketball. My favorite team in the NBA is Golden State, and my favorite soccer team is Swansea City, which is located in Wales.

I also love music!

My dad was in a band when I was young, and I followed in his footsteps. I was in both a rock band as well as a jazz band in high school, but I don't play much anymore. I can play the Bass, the Trumpet, and the Drums. I love listening to new music, and will listen to any kind of music, except country. Bring in music suggestions and we might listen to them as a class!

Some of my best friends

Where am I from?

My family is from a small town in Italy, called Acri. Acri is a very small town nestled into the mountains in southern Italy. Most of my family still lives in Italy, except myself, my parents, and my grandparents. I still talk to a lot of my cousins over in Italy, and speak some Italian.

Best way to get a hold of me

Here are the best ways to reach me!