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2019 WRCCS Conference

August 6-7, 2019

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Social and Emotional Learning in Wisconsin

DPI's Social and Emotional Learning On-line Training Module is now available. This new training module is for teachers, administrators, and school staff to learn about what SEL is, its importance, and how to implement and integrate it locally in a culturally responsive manner.

The module takes about 50-60 minutes to complete and the format allows for notification to administrators when a staff member has completed the training module.

The SEL Online training module can be accessed here:


To book a 15 minute consultation to discuss the School based Mental Health

Services Grant, Social and Emotional Learning or school mental health in general please go to:


DPI's NEW YouTube Playlist!

DPI's amazing communications team created a YouTube Playlist for all of the SEL webinars including the monthly webinar series as well as the EBP for SEL webinars. While the webinars will continue to be posted on various locations on the DPI website, all of them will end up in this playlist. You can periodically check it to see when the webinars are available. DPI hopes this makes these webinars more accessible.




How WRCCS can support your school or organization...

WRCCS provides resources to all stakeholders in charter school development and support -- from helping school districts and universities understand how to authorizer the best charter schools, to identifying practices that could be applied to any school broadly, to disseminating information so that those exploring charter schools know who to reach out to for support.
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Please fill out this short form to request technical assistance (resources and support) from the Wisconsin Resource Center for Charter Schools. This will help us match you with the correct resource.


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WRCCS offers a schedule of comprehensive charter school support!

WRCCS is excited to provide educators a broad range of free professional development opportunities including online training sessions via Zoom, in-person events, and formal online coursework via Buzz.

WRCCS has organized all materials through the WRCCS School Competencies. The WRCCS School Competencies are broken into seven domains: Charter Authorizer, Governance Board, Charter Leadership, Charter Classroom, Students, Families, and General Information. The WRCCS school competencies are designed to help schools personalize their professional development and to help schools recognize learning that has not been considered, learning that is in process, as well as prior learning. The WRCCS School Competencies are designed to “meet schools where they are at” understanding that every school will have specific strengths and challenges.

We invite you to check out the WRCCS calendar of events. All calendar events are searchable by domain. You can register for online Zoom sessions and in-person events here.

Please let WRCCS know how we can best support you and your school. For support on accessing the WRCCS professional development resources please watch the video or contact us at support@wrccs.org. Also, check out our website to find other valuable resources!





Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Calling ALL educators!

Join CESA 9 for a day with teacher and author, Trevor MacKenzie, and leave with new learning about INQUIRY practices, as well as resources and takeaways that can be used in the classroom immediately.

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Charter School Job Openings

To have your charter school job opening(s) listed email WRCCS the link. WRCCS will also post the openings on our social media. Don't forget to like and/or follow us. See below!


Have you joined our Facebook Group?

The WRCCS charter school Facebook group (WRCCS - Connect & Collaborate) is an interactive professional learning community for charter school educators to come together to share, learn and inspire one another. In this group, charter school educators from across Wisconsin can gather in a safe space to share ideas to better themselves and their field, explore new ideas with new peers and collaborate to tackle challenges. We encourage you to share resources, ask questions and collaborate with new connections.



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