Welcome to Lineville



What do you need to know about Lineville Intermediate School to have an exciting,awesome, and fun year? Read on to find out more about Lineville Intermediate School.


What could be my specials at Lineville next year? Here are some examples of some of the specials that you could have when you come to Lineville.First,I am going to talk about the music choices,every student gets to pick a music choice you could pick from these choices.Band,Orchestra or Choir here are their names,the band teacher is Mr.Zipper,the choir teacher is Mrs.Doelger and the orchestra teacher Mrs.Nowak.Next, I am going to teach you about gym every class does a different unit,also gym is different from elementary school because you have to change clothing for gym.Next,I am going to talk about your art classes there are 2 art teachers,Mrs.Gryzwa and Mrs.Vandenlandenberg almost about every month and a half you switch to a diffrent unit.Finally,I want to talk about 2 other specials called Spanish and technology,in Spanish you learn how to speak Spanish and in technology you get to learn easier ways to use technology and you get to play games on the computers.Thats what you could have for your specials next year.


Here are some things about lunch that are different from elementary school.

• only 8 people to a table

• you have 2 different lunch choices

•a la carte (other things like Snapple chips and pudding)

•You can sit where ever you want

•you can not share food

•use your indoor voices

•you get a longer lunch

•you get at least 5-10 minutes for recess

•the district meal is what you have in elementary scho the commons is in where you eat lunch in the cafe

•you can also take your own lunch

My opinion is that I would take cold lunch but I like the lunch choices.


Why do you want to get your homework done?So you don't get in trouble for many reasons.First,one way to get your homework done is at 9th hour which is called study hall,I personally think that study hall is a good reason to get your assessments done so you don't have to do your homework at home.Secondly, I would recommend to get all of your homework done because then you do not have to deal with going to noon,noon is a detention for student that do not get your assignments finished.Finally, I think that getting your homework done is a opportunity so that you can not get into any trouble,also then you would not get a minor for missing or not getting a task complete.Thats why I think you should get your homework completed so you don't have to deal with any homework,so you can have free choice.


There are many reasons why you have to stay organized in 5th grade.First,you want to stay organized because your locker is small and it is a very tight squeeze.Next,you want to stay this way for 1 important reason because you do not have much space in your binder,many binders are many sizes so they have some limits.Finally,you want to stay this way because then you know where things are so you don't loose things.Thats my opinion about how I keep my school supplies organized.


There are many reasons and many ways why you have to behave and why you would want to. First,in the hallways there are a blue and a red zone first, I will talk about the blue zone blue means you can whisper in the hallways,the red zone means that you have to be absolutely quiet.Next, when you are passing in the hallways from class to class you would only have 4 minutes to pass.That time is to maybe get a snack,bathroom,drink time, or go to a locker to get materials.Then,you have to have patience and independence means you have to take care of yourself,have control,not to be loud, and follow the expectations.Finally, you would want to be quiet to get some green acknowledgement cards.Take control of your self and do the right thing to set an example.


I hope that you learned something about Lineville,I wish these paragraphs would help you learn more about 5th grade,hope to see you next year,good luck and have fun.