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How Huck feels as he and Jim travel along the Mississippi.

At this point Huck feels free and at home. Jim and Huck have become good friends at this point in the story and feel connected to each other. In the song, On the Road Again, Willie Nelson sings,"We're the best of friends, insisting the world keep turning our way." Which is really all Huck and Jim want. They want to be free with no responsibilities and to live life their own way.
On the Road Again - Willie Nelson (Lyrics)

How Huck feels about society and what it says about him.

All his life Huck has been told he is worth nothing and that he's stupid. Huck is always compared to Tom. Society says Tom is a good boy and he can to do no wrong. But really, Tom has no common sense and cheats at anything and everything. Huck may not be book smart, but he has all the common sense in the world. When Huck decides to rip up the letter he wrote to Mrs. Watson he says, "Well I'm going to hell anyway." In the song Lowlife by Theory of a Deadman, the singer basically says, "Hey, I'm a lowlife. Deal with it! I'm not changing for anyone so don't try to make me any different." Besides the swearing, this is what Huck feels about his life.
lowlife lyrics- theory of a deadman

How Huck and his relationship with Jim

Huck and Jim are to very different people and have a very interesting relationship for their time. They share one thing in common: they are both outsiders. Huck and Jim become friends pretty quickly, but they mostly keep each other company. As the sorry goes on their relationship develops into a need for each other. Jim needs Huck in order to get to freedom and Huck needs Jim for protection from the world. In the song Lean On Me the singer sing, "When you need something strong, I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on." This explains Huck and Jim's relationship to a t! Their relationship is all about helping each other