Perseverance Adversity

By Isaiah Aleman



steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Michael Jordan

Flu Game

Michael Jordan one of the greatest basket ball players will never give up. June 11, 1997 game 5 of the NBA finals for the Bulls, but this was no a regular because Michael Jordan had the Flu, but he wasn't going to let Chicago down, so he got up and put up an amazing 38 point effort which is outstanding for someone with flu like conditions. He is one of the most popular people to persevere.


The article Trapped is about miners in Chile who were trapped in a mining tunnel for about 69 days in 95 degree's of pitch black nothing the only thing that kept these people alive was their spirit and attitude about the whole situation, and that is what perseverance is all about. When people talk about perseverance they are talking about these miners.

Chinese Cinderella


Adeline is a very smart girl with a wealthy family, but she is basically a forgotten child she abused, made fun of, and they made her do stuff she didn't want to do when she was 13 she was separated from her family and left at a boarding school. She worked through all that hard school work just to impress her father.
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