By: Gyllian Tesseneer & Jaelyn Tate

Reasons for Immigration in the early 1900s

Immigrants came to America because they wanted freedom. Immigrants also wanted a opportunity for a job. They also wanted free land, so they could plant crops and eat food. The immigrants also wanted freedom of religion because they wanted to be able to worship who they wanted to. These are a few reasons Immigrants came to America during late 1800's and 1900's.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island is where immigrants came to be inspected in New York City. One inspector asked questions like: What is your name how and old are you? Where did you come from? Why did you come to America? The health inspector asked them questions like: Do have you have the chicken pox? Have you ever been in the hospital? The heath inspector checked them for a temperature, he checked their eyes and their skin. Some immigrants passed the inspections and they didn’t have to go back to their home country.