Holly Hanlon


When I was in about 5th grade we found out that I had trouble reading and comprehending because my eyes didn't work together. Heather was a therapist of mine that helped me once a week to solve my eye problem. When I first met her I was really nervous but she was super sweet to me. She was a big inspiration in my life because she had the same problem I had when she was little and that inspired me to work really hard and get this problem fixed. Since I had this little setback in my life it has made me want to work with people who might have similar issues when I am older.

Haley Morreale

Haley Morreale was an old teammate of mine. She always inspired me but in a little different way. She would make me push myself to become better so that we were always at the same level. I think that because of this I wouldn't be where I am today because of how hard I work everyday and how much I push myself thanks to Haley. We have always been great friends that push each other to our best abilities.