The Colony of Maryland

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In 1632, George Calvert received a charter from the King of England, to establish a colony in the New World. George Calvert, being a Catholic, wanted to create a safe haven for Catholics. But while traveling to the New World to establish his colony, he died and the job went to his son Cecil Calvert, who was known as Lord Baltimore. Cecil Calvert was very smart and thought through all his plans. He allowed all Catholics, but he also allowed Protestants because the King was a protestant. The colony was a proprietary colony until 1715 where it became a royal colony.


We have a representative government, the first signs of Democracy! Meaning you elect your leaders. We believe in the voice of our colonists. Addressing their needs will shape our colony to have better conditions. We had town meetings to hear what our colonists have to say and their decisions. We have an group of people called the Maryland General Assembly. They look through all the laws at a period of time and make sure they are in action. They also make sure that those laws are being followed. The Maryland General Assembly was the legislature branch in Maryland.

What is so good about Maryland?


The economy was great in Maryland. We had lumber, ship-building, whaling, fishing, tobacco, and corn. We had plenty of money because we are a Tidewater Plantation. We have about 20-100 slaves in each plantation and others scattered in other areas.

Life in Maryland

Life isn't very difficult in Maryland. At first it was a proprietary colony, where children at an early age were to help with the plantations. The biggest demand from Maryland is from its tobacco, so there was a lot of people working on those plantations. We were a Tidewater Plantation so we had a Great Hall where we could meet and talk and gather. There were town meetings, where we discussed laws and mentioned problems. Life was very good at Maryland. It got better when we became a royal colony in 1715, because then we didn't have to work so hard. Education wise, the children learned basic reading, writing, and math from their parents. They also learned about the bible and at least one activity that they could be skilled at. Like either farming or fishing, and etc.

Maryland : It's the Right Choice!

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