Battle of Gettysburg

By: Gabie and Chris

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Main Generals

Union: General George G. Meade

Confederacy: General Robert E. Lee

Number of Casualties

North: 28% of men lost; 3,155 fatalities; 14,529 wounded; 5,365 missing.

South: 37% of men lost; 3,903 fatalities; 18,735 wounded; 5,425 missing.

In Total: 7,058 fatalities; 33,264 wounded; 10,790 missing.

Advantages/Disadvantages of the north


- bigger population

- had access to more resources

- more industrialized


- didn't have a good leader

- less knowledge of land

- more countries supporting the south

Advantages/disadvantages of the south


- better military

- better generals

- supported by many countries


- less people

- less supplies

- General Lee chose a non-life saving battle tactic

Importance of the battle

The battle was a turning point for the war due to the fact that the plan General Lee had, which was to invade the North and force an end to the war, failed. The battle was enormous, in a town that only had 2,400 residents, 170,000 Confederate and Union soldiers game together for a clash that could never be forgotten. The most important part of the battle was when President A. Lincoln showed up the site, four months later, and gave a speech which would provide justification for the war. Lincoln's presence to the location enhanced the importance and memory of the unforgettable battle.

The Union Won