Paper #2

Assessing the New Deal

What's the Big Idea?

The New Deal was an attempt to handle the struggling economy and reform society. Hosts of new programs, laws, and agencies were created during FDR's tenure in office. Our task is to assess how these entities matched America's values.

But what are our values and did the New Deal coincide? Decide upon what values America's foundation is built. Biblical, constitutional? Your call.

Choose a program, agency, or law from the New Deal and analyze whether or not it is consistent with your definition of American values.

The New Deal

Laws like the Social Security Act and the Wagner Act were passed. Agencies like the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Civilian Conservation Corps were created. Programs like the Federal Writers Project or the Slave Narratives were started. All of these entities came from the government and assumed a new relationship between the federal government and society.
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American Values

Americans believe that country, at its core, has a strong foundation of values. But what makes up that foundation? We might be a individualist society with a bootstraps mentality, or a collective society where we look out for one another. Find a document or interpretation to "hand your hat on," so to speak, and hold up as the foundation of America's values.

What if I have Other Questions?


  • Do I need a bibliography? See your Chicago Style Guide
  • Can I use my own sources? Yes, but they must be academic
  • Is there a certain format to follow? If you are uncertain, try the 5 paragraph paper (1 intro, 3 body, 1 conclusion)