4th Grade Super Sailor Newsletter

Week 15: December 7-11, 2015

What are our Super Sailors learning this week?


We have spent the entire week this week working on long division skills. Students will take their final division assessment on Monday and we will begin working on our unit on Geometry. We will begin by introducing different types of angles to the students and will move on to measuring angles with a protractor. We will finish the week working on finding the missing measurement involving more than one adjacent angle.


We enjoyed our unit on Energy and will spend next week reviewing the Water Cycle. Students will review the Water Cycle stages and will work on a short story in which they personify a water droplet and take their droplet through the various stages of the water cycle. Students will plan their story, write a rough draft, edit their story, and finally publish it with an illustration. This assignment will be taken as a grade in Science and in Writing class.


This week we will begin our study of poetry and build on what students have learned in previous grades. We will specifically analyze the poems for voice and author’s craft.


We’ll learn about different types of poems (free verse, lyrical, narrative, diamanté, and cinquain) and practice writing them modeling after published poets. Students will use figurative language like similes and metaphors to help show feeling and images.

STAAR Vocabulary

These vocabulary words are often found in many of the reading STAAR test questions. We will have a vocabulary quiz on December 11th.

1. Detect-to notice or discover something

2. Advantage-to benefit or gain, to have a better position

3. Chide-to scold or tell someone off

4. Feature-a distinguishing part or a special presentation/article/movie

5. Selection-an available piece of information/the reading passage

6. Realistic fiction- although untrue, could actually happen. Some events, people, and places may even be real.

7. Conclude- to form an opinion or make a logical judgment about something after considering everything known about it

8. Similarity-to have one or more things in common

9. Article- nonfiction writing in a newspaper, magazine, or reference book

10. Sequentially-happening in chronological order or forming a sequence

11. Author’s craft-techniques an author uses to create meaning (OH, SOPHIA)

12. Visualize-to imagine or have a mental picture of something

13. Parentheses - a word or phrase that comments on or qualifies part of the sentence

14. Difference- being different from or unlike something or somebody else

15. Express- to say, show meaning, or reveal

16. Importance-something of significant value, relevance, or interest

17. Expression-a word or phrase that communicates an idea

18. Statement- something that somebody says that is not a question or an exclamation and that expresses an idea or facts in definite terms

Social Studies

Students are LOVING The Boy in The Alamo. We’re reading together and connecting the events in this historical fiction book and the actual historical events of the Texas road to independence. We’re working through an online interactive document that is allowing students to explore resources and learn more about Texas in the 1830s.
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Bedtime Stories

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 6pm

4400 Austin Parkway

Sugar Land, TX

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Winter Party

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 2:15pm

4400 Austin Parkway

Sugar Land, TX

Please see the Friday folder flyer and envelope. The Room Reps would like to ask parents to donate an optional $5 cash towards the Winter Party instead of item donations. Donations will be collected until December 10th. Please send the money in the envelope and give to your child's homeroom teacher. Any extra money will be used towards the Valentine's Day Party!

EARLY DISMISSAL - Friday, December 18, 2015

Please complete the Early Release Lunch form going home in the Friday folder. Dismissal will take place at 12:10. All students will eat lunch in the classrooms. We strongly encourage your child to bring a sack lunch! If this is not an option, the cafe will be selling hamburgers or grilled cheese.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

At Austin Parkway Elementary we strive to provide the best experience possible for our students and their families. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes within our building. One of the processes that we are currently working on is that of early dismissal. The policy regarding early dismissal and checkout can be found in the Austin Parkway Elementary Student-Parent Handbook, on our website. Please see below for the excerpt.

In the case of an unforeseen event that causes a change in the way your child goes home please follow these steps.

  1. Send an email to Ms. Miller before 2:15 p.m., iris.miller@fortbendisd.com
  1. State in the email:
    1. Student’s name
    2. Teacher’s name
    3. Your name and relationship to student
    4. Your phone number for verification purposes
    5. Time of pickup (no dismissals after 2:45 p.m.)
    6. Reason for last minute change