Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

Sponsored by FSFOT and the Westtown-East Goshen Police

Helping to Feed 30 Families in Our Community!

For Sale Free or Trade in Chester County (FSFOT) and the Westtown-East Goshen Police Department have made it their goal to feed 250 families for Thanksgiving this year. They receive the names from neighbors, churches, teachers - anyone who knows a family in the West Chester area who would go without a Thanksgiving meal if it weren't for the generosity of the community.

PA Leadership has committed to providing the necessary pieces of the meals for 30 families.

How This Works...

We will be collecting items through the end of the day on Friday, November 21.

You can either donate items, listed here, or money toward the perishable items that are being collected.

How this works:

  1. Select the item or items you wish to donate by clicking "sign up." You will see that each item is currently displaying how many slots are filled versus open.
  2. Once you've selected all of the items you are interested in donating, select "submit and sign up."
  3. You'll be taken to a new page where you can enter the quantity of each. You can also say if you will be donating at 1332 (bring to Erin's office) or AIC (bring to Jeanne's office).
  4. Some of the items are perishables, so the organizer is collecting the money to purchase them. The amount required for the item is listed. You can either donate in person, or you can send the money through PayPal to Erin K. at Just be sure to click "send money to friends or family" and include your name!
  • A donation of $8.50 will buy all of the perishables (salad, rolls, pie and butter) without the turkey.
  • A donation of $23.50 will buy all of the perishables (salad, rolls, pie and butter) with the turkey.

Coupons This Week (Through Saturday, November 15)


  • $0.49 Shoprite Cranberry Sauce (limit 4)
  • $4 for 4 Shoprite Gravy (must buy 4)
  • $1.59 for 2 lb can of Princella Cut Sweet Potatoes
  • $0.49 Campbell's Gravy (limit 4)
  • $0.88 Shoprite Stuffing Mix (limit 4)


  • $0.89 Sweet Harvest Cranberry Sauce
  • $0.69 Chef's Cupboard Mashed Potatoes
  • $0.49 Happy Harvest Green Beans


Spend $100 get a free turkey click here for coupon

Don't Say No To Your Free Turkey!

Is your grocery store giving away free turkeys with a certain amount of points but you won't use it? Don't say no! You can donate your turkey certificate too! Just sign up for the "turkey" slot, and donate your turkey certificate at your building drop off point!