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April 2022

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The spring melt is happening and the excitement of spring is in the air. I looked at the calendar for what is coming up and it is packed. We tend to forget how busy this time of year can be, and with the return of activities we are in full swing. Drama is a go this weekend and it was great to see the excitement that bring out in the kids. Badminton is happening throughout the week and on the weekends for both Jr and Sr but we are also about to start up track, and let’s not forget things such as grad.

We encourage our students to get involved as much as possible. There will never be another time in their lives when so many people are working to give them all of these opportunities for basically no cost. In a school our size that comes with understanding that drama festival takes place at the same time as badminton tournaments, which means that choices and priorities need to be made, and that is a valuable life experience.

The coaches and organizers in our school work together to make sure that students have a chance to try as much as possible. It is important to remember that these are all volunteers. There is nothing in an educator’s contract that says they have to coach or run anything. We do it because with think it is good for the kids in our building. That also means that while everyone is understanding, we also need commitment to be able to run programs. If it is something that is important, then we need to make the time to be able to run it in a way that is beneficial to the kids. Participation is a goal, but so is showing responsibility and respect for the people involved.

Coming up we have class trips, field trips, track days, ball days, canoe trip, grad… It becomes too many to list, but each one is important and memorable for somebody. We try to offer a variety because we have a variety of interests within our building. In this way we do our best to meet as many interests as possible within the limited number of people we have on staff.

I love this time of year as it ramps up, and boy things tend to come quickly. June will be here before you know it, and school work needs to be a priority. Having said that, the benefits that students get from putting themselves at risk on a stage, or in competition builds skills for life. If you have never been in any kind of pressure situation, how do you learn how to handle it? The more times you can challenge yourself, especially in a safe environment, the more effective you become at handling challenges in the future.

Thank you to everyone who helps our school create those challenges, and here’s hoping to see you all out giving your best.

Thank you

Greg Knot

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