Ventana Vistas

August 11-17th, 2021

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Arrival and Dismissal

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we all (staff, students, and families) learn the new drop off and pick up systems. We are working to get it to run more efficiently. On Monday arrival ended at 8:20. On Tuesday, it ended at 8:15am and today it ended at 8:05am. On Monday dismissal took 45 minutes and yesterday it took 30 minutes. That is something to celebrate and we will get better throughout the week!

During arrival--thank you to everyone who is pulling as far forward as you and encouraging your children to be ready with their things to open the door and get out when the car comes to a stop.

This helps us run the most efficiently. We don't have enough adults to open all of the car doors. Your children can get out when you have safely come to a stop.

During dismissal-thank you for paying attention to which zone you should pick up your child in. Mrs. Mulay shows you with her fingers which zone you will go to to meet your child.

Dismissal works like the airport--the zone number you are given is like the "airline" you are going to to pick up your child. Your "passenger" will meet you there. Drive on the left side to get to your airline. Pull over to the right when you arrive at your zone. Don't leave your airline zone or your passenger won't know where to find you. Once your passenger is loaded, pull out to the left and be on your way. Hope that analogy helps!


We continue to strongly encourage mask wearing for the safety of all staff and students. If you want your child to wear a mask, please make sure you are talking to them at home about the importance of this to your family. Teachers will try to gently remind students with language like this: "If your family sent you with a mask, you should be wearing it." But ultimately, the child needs to know what you expect them to do. Thank you for helping with this.


Governing Board Members

Amy Krauss, President

Carole Siegler, Vice President

Amy Bhola, Board Member

Doug Hadley, Board Member

Eileen Jackson, Board Member

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent