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How To Select The Most Suitable Cycling Jersey For Oneself?

Cycling clothing should be three things versatile, fun, and functional. Whether we are talking of bicycle shorts or jersey, all are tools for expressing personal style and goals. However, cycling attires are not limited to these; there are lot many kinds included in it such as rain jackets, trainers, as well as tights. Jersey, however, continues to remain the most purchased and sold item in this category. It is one of the most important pieces of clothing that helps bikers in attaining top speed while maintaining a calm and cool temperature inside their body. Any cyclist who wishes to choose a cycling jersey for himself must take care of three things: the design, the fit, and the fabric.

The most comfortable jerseys are always made from lycra, microfiber, polyester, or a blend of polyester with other things. As you get warm while bicycling during training sessions or races, these materials will allow a smooth evaporation of sweat and will help in keeping your body cool. Apart from this, you can always opt for one which has a semi or full-length zipper in front portion which can be used for providing ventilation to a human body as its temperature goes down or up.

Another feature of interest is the pockets. Two large pockets on either side should be enough for carrying small essentials like energy bars, cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, or keys. As an owner make sure you jersey’s fitting is perfect. It should neither be too small nor too large or hanging around. It should not slow you down while you paddle your way ahead on tracks. It should also be able to cover your back so that you are saved from the need to adjust the clothing while you ride. You can have multiple choices right from the short sleeve to the sleeveless and long sleeves designs. Long sleeves are considered most suitable for lower temperatures while the half and sleeveless ones are considered suitable for summers and spring season. However, the final choice always depends on the rider and what he or she is most comfortable with.

The last thing that needs close consideration is the design. There are many riders who are compelled to use their jerseys as mediums for promoting their sponsor’s logo or brand name. However, those who choose the other way or have no sponsors can always go for several other options. Cycling jersey styles include retro styles, collegiate jerseys, as well as the ones influenced by pop culture.