Union of the Comoros

Culture of Comoros

Customs and Cultures

In Comoros it is normal for men to shake hands every chance they get. When a child greets his or her elder its treditonal to extend two cupped hands and say, "Kwezi" the elder will then clap (high five) teh child and say "Mbona". When you go to visit another person at their home they are to offer food and bevrage, refusing their offer is consiered impolite. At a large gathering food would be layed out, like a buffet, and after getting your food you would stand and eat from various plates.


Comorian people eat imported rice topped with fish or meat sause as a regular meal. Most holidays in Comoros are Islamic holy days, they are celibrated weih big partys including music and dance. Buessness hours in Comoros would be strange compared to those here, in Comoros the standord buessness hours are 8am to 6pm with a two hour lunch break. A man who wants to be oficaly welcomed with his aria's group of elders must first mary off his oldest doghter in a grand marige. In Comoros socceer is the most popular sport.


Comoros is a huge exporter of yang-ylang, an oil used in many french perfumes, and has earned the nickname "the Perfume Islands". The hospitals in Comoros lack badic supplys and eqitment forcing patints to previde their own medications and food. The edicational system follows the French's style, although it seems to be failing at the edication part. A few privite radio stations are avalible in Comoros but radio isnt verry common.