Ideas About Gayla Stilley

Don't hide your talents: what's a sundial in the shade?

Who Am I?

Interests: Soccer, Academics, Music

Skills: Academics, Problem-solving

Values: Religion, Integrity, Advancement and Promotion, and Order (tranquility, stability, conformity)

Self-esteem: I have a well-balanced realistic sense of self-esteem.

Learning Style: Logical (number smart)

You should consider all of these things when deciding on a career because these things help determine whether or not you would enjoy your job and be good at your job.

My Career as A... Financial Analyst

My career is in the business and financial operations cluster. In my career, I would gather data and then analyze it. Using that, I would document the information and meet with my co-workers to discuss it. I'd also figure out ways to solve problems. The median annual salary is $76,950 in this career. The job outlook is very good. The number of jobs is projected to grow faster than average (20 to 28%). Most financial analysts work more than 40 hours a week-- in fact, about 1/3 of full-time financial analysts work 50 to 70 hours a week. The work environment isn't too bad, but because their days are filled with meetings and phone calls, they often have to do research at home. They also travel to meet with clients and work in financial institutions often in New York City. One interesting thing about this career is that it is has a much higher pay than the median for all jobs in the business and administration cluster.

How Do I Get There

I would like to go to the University of Pennsylvania, on 3451 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It would be a good college for me because it is an Ivy League college. It also offers the degree I want for my career. Unfortunately, it is far from home. The degree I would get for my career would first be an undergraduate degree in finance concentration, then an MBA in finance, then a doctoral in finance. Scholarships were not listed, so I could get financial aid. However, I would like to get a scholarship that would at least carry me through my bachelors degree.