i love iceeeeeeeee

infinity perry

christmas break

My Christmas break is going to be wonderful, although I don’t expect anything for Christmas this year all because I have my own Christmas gift coming a few days after. I’m very beyond excited and nervous at the same time. Like how am I going to react to adjusting myself to become a new teen Parent But I shall be okay because I have a lot of support. And I know I am going to be okay, but although I didn’t ask for anything for Christmas I know that ill probably receive things that I didn’t ask for. But ill never turn anybody gift down I’m going to accept it and be thankful for it. The best part that I’m waiting for is food, like yes food is going to be the best present ever. All I want is sea loaf, corn bread, and rice. I really love sea loaf like it’s the best food ever. But my siblings don’t really like it, only people that eat it around my house are me, and my step dad. Me and my stepdad could eat it all day. So my mother usually makes a small pan for us two only, just enough to fill us up. And usually after that, I go to my room and fall asleep. I am full and stuffed and tired. You know how you be tired after you finish eating the best meal ever, yes sir that’s exactly how I am going to be feeling after I eat my favorite food on Christmas.

missing brains

I have never heard of this situation, about missing brains. I find it actually very funny and also interesting. But me personally, I would never steal any body’s brains I find it very disturbing and nasty. Like what do I need someone else’s brains for, what would I do with the brains. That’s pretty much creepy, not pleasant and unmoral. I think that whoever stole the brains are probably most likely doing research on the brains, well that my opinion. They could be doing something else with the brains. Something like experimenting on them like any other person would do if they had the brains as well. But me still, I wouldn’t even want to have a brain, I would dare steal someone else brain. I still to this day don’t know why someone would want to steal someone brains. Or why did that person even have brains, how could they even let someone brains get out of their eye sight. I don’t understand and I don’t think I will ever understand why someone would have brains. Anyways long story short I, myself I wouldn’t have brains period. I wouldn’t have no one else’s brains but my own. My sometimes don’t work correctly, that may sound very weird but its true. Don’t want no one else brain but my mine. I would probably be scared, to keep another brain that isn’t in my head, with me. Why would anyone want to do that anyway, that’s very disturbing to have someone brains.

OCSDC program

Guildford county schools have a program for student who isn’t going to college. It is mainly at Andrews’s high school, and located in room 216. It helps raise money for the kids so that they can go on the work field and help get school books. They cook for the teachers so that they can make money for those who don’t plan on going to college. They help them get in the work field faster while their still in high school. While their trying to get the high school diploma and just move forward to what the teachers has taught them and go into the work field. Which I think Is a very nice thing that, the teachers are doing for the students whether they choose not to go to college because of what ever. In this program they teach the students who choose not to go, to college to be in the work field. So that they won’t just go and be like they have never worked but they have a high school degree. I think this program is a really good program for the students raising money for the school and helping themselves. Not going to college isn’t a bad thing but I would prefer myself to go to college. But everybody doesn’t think like others, which isn’t bad. It’s good that the teachers have a class for that, because they also earn a high school diploma and don’t go to college. Because I know a lot of people who don’t plan on going to college, and I think that I should tell them about this program to get them the work experience themselves.