Mrs. Cornell's Class

News for the week of October 22 - 26

Dear Parents,

This week will bring the start of our Get Ready groups. Students will be switching between classrooms based on results of assessments. We will provide previews, reviews, practice, and/or enrichment for Reading and Math. To start we will focus on Reading - specifically targeting Comprehension and students' ability to retell the Beginning, Middle, and Ending of a shared story.

Exciting news! Last week we started a 100 Book Challenge. Students choose books that interest them and are a good fit at their INDEPENDENT reading level. What is an independent level you ask?

* can use what they know to figure out the few hard words by themselves
* are engaged for long periods of time.
* want to do it again.
* can tell you what they've learned from their reading.
* laugh at the funny parts.
* read with expression.
* are relaxed, comfortable, and having fun.
* get into the habit of fluency, understanding, and success.
* learn to read by reading.
* are learning to love to read.

At school students choose their books and practice them until they are fluent, and then they read to Grammy or myself (answering a few comprehension questions) and earn a sticker on their 100 Book Challenge card. I would absolutely LOVE to have your help at home. Let me know. I can send you more information.

Be sure to check out the links I provided to Reading/Language Arts and Math internet activities below. I gave a little background information as well. Your child has seen/used both of these in school.

Have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Cornell


This "Glog" is a fantastic resource for me in the classroom. We are able to use some things on it each week to enhance our learning through engaging activities. This week I am sharing it with you. Students may do some exploring or may go back to activities that we used in class.


We started using IXL a short time ago. Many students started using this in kindergarten. Your child should know their username and password. Most students should be working on First Grade skills. Your child should know which ones I have introduced, but with your assistance they could find many others that would provide great practice. Students should work to earn a score of 80 or higher before moving on to another skill, but if they are struggling with a particular skill it may not be the right time to work on it and they may have greater success later in the year.


* October 22 - Vision and Hearing Testing
* October 24 - Picture Retake Day
* October 25 - Family, Food, and FUNdamentals Night - Mr. Meyers and I will provide information about Kindergarten, First and Second Grade ELO's (essential learner outcomes), teach and provide a math game for each level, and give an introduction to the IXL online math website. Registration forms are due MONDAY (October 22nd!)

October Skills Checklist

This checklist includes many of the topics and skills that your child will be continuing to work on through October. We work on most of these at school, however additional practice at home can help your student be more successful. You can help me in tracking your child’s progress by using and returning this checklist at the end of October. When you feel that your child has mastered a skill, check on the line. Not all lines need to be checked off to return the sheet to school, but please continue to work on these skills with your child through the month of October. Some skills will continue to be worked on in following months. Thank you for all of your extra help working with your child at home.

Knows how to tie shoes ___
Can write first and last name ___
Knows address and phone number including area code ___
Can write a complete sentence using correct capitalization and punctuation
___ (inventive spelling expected)
Can read high frequency words (see list below)
Can identify the characters and setting of a story
Can retell stories sharing the Beginning, Middle, and End
Can write numbers from 1 to 20
Can count up and back by 1’s on the number grid ___
Can count forwards and backwards by 1’s, starting with any number up to
and including 50 ___
Can count by 5’s to 110 ___
Can count by 10’s to 110 ___
Can count by 2’s to 110 ___
Can add or subtract using the number line ___
Can count coins including pennies and nickels ___
Exchanges pennies for nickels when calculating totals ___
Can tell time on an analog clock to the hour ___
Can tell the complements of 10 (4/6, 5/5, 3/7, 8/2, 9/1)

Your Child’s Name _________________ Parent Signature _________________________

*Please keep your chart in a safe place so it will not get lost or destroyed.
Please return November 1st.

High Frequency Words
Kindergarten (review)
I can we the like a
see go have to is play
are for you this do what
and little said here was she
he has look with my me

First Grade Unit 1 (review)
down jump not up it over too
yes be ride run come good on
that very help use now

Unit 2 (October 22 - 26)
does her one they two