Express Yourself!

Say No To School Uniforms!

Feel Comfortable!

Most Students Feel More Confident With Their Own Style.

Did You Know That...

Students Prefer Their Own Style So That They Can Be Unique.

My Expressions!

Every Day I Get Exited To Pick A New Style For School!

No Matter What The Mood, I Always Have A Style For It.

Favorite Way To Express!

Students That Are In Band, Orchestra, Choir Or Art, Their Favorite Way To Express Themselves Is By Their Style.

Most Students Do NOT Want School Uniforms

Avenue School High Took A Poll On School Uniforms.

10% Said Yes

90% Said No

More Proof!

On They Made A Poll On School Uniforms.

Only 48% Voted Yes.

The Other 52% Voted No.

You Can Look At The Chart Yourself!

And The Poll Is Not Closed Yet!