Robert Kennedy Assassination

By Darian Love

What,Who, and Why ?

Robert Francis Kennedy was assassinated on June 5th 1968 in Los Angles, Cal. The suspected shooter was Sirhan-Sirhan. Reason behind RFK shooting was the support from Robert Kennedy was getting from Israel. After, the assassination world news covered the time including the New York Times and LA Times.


The Election of 1968 was in full affect at the time Bobby Kennedy was running. People had high hopes for him to win the election and be the next president. Following his brother the late John F Kennedy. As there is power, there are people that would disagree. America was already in war at Vietnam. Peace was the movement Bobby Kennedy followed and lived by.
Running for President of the United States hoping to make a difference. Being an Civil Rights activist against American civil rights being trampled on. He obtained an bright future and being the right candidate for the US at that time. To this day there is conspiracy surrounding both Kennedy assassinations.

Media Bias

The media covered this story through so many lens. Saying that both Kennedy assassinations were planed. First with the JFK killing in 1963 saying there was an second shooter in Dallas,TX. Then the country started to truly question how powerful the US government is in a way and the people started to stop trusting the government. Four years later RFK was killed in Los Angles,Cal after the June primary run. Media covered incident moments after he was shot. Reporters and photographers film rolls were ripped out of the cameras. The media gets the people to start to rebel against the government and also to stop the war in Vietnam.

Historical Criticism

Historically, America was already in disarray because Lyndon Johnson. Lyndon Johnson was the vice-president when JFK was in office then became first in command after the assassination. People hated Johnson for being in the war in Vietnam. No one knew why we were fighting and killing innocent civilians. The "Peace not War" movement was huge toward the end of the 60's. Bobby Kennedy needed to perfect spark to follow in his older brother's footstep's to run for President.

Cultural Criticism

Between all three assassinations from John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, and Robert F Kennedy Americans started to question things. Questioning how powerful is the government. Everyone's mindset was asking why we were in a war that young men were dying in. Even fighting a losing battle against the Vietnamese. With war comes death, just not from the solider vs solider but killing of innocent people.
The Assassination of RFK - ABC News
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