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September 2022


September 5, 2022 - NO SCHOOL LABOR DAY

September 20, 2022 - SAP group starts for Kinder & First (More information attached).

September 22, 2022 - RAINBOW DAY (dress day)

*New clubs are being brainstormed for your students! Stay tuned.

Note to Parents

I am so happy to see our students doing well with these new changes within our school. Kindergarteners are resilient and adjusting to their school routine. Gifted students are enjoying the curriculum, including their Genius hour! Whether your students are new or have been enrolled here since Kindergarten, they are all experiencing similar changes. New friends, new teachers/staff, new school, and new procedures. Ask your students what they feel confident in and what they are still needing to work hard at.

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My Role

Aside from individual and small groups, I provide whole classroom lessons. I will be teaching Toolbox 12 Tools to all students this year. I will help them learn that these tools are essential skills that will enhance the following 3 character traits:




These tools will help students self-manage their emotions and find solutions that will help reflect these traits among our campus. Staff are encouraged to use the same tools and language when working with your students. These tools can support their communication, their relationships, and decisions inside and out of school.


Toolbox Project curriculum was developed over eight years while Mark Collin was a counselor in a rural school district in Northern California. In his words, “the children were struggling with many personal and family challenges, in addition to the usual struggles of growing up. They had no tools to recognize and name their feelings and deal with them constructively.”

With Mark’s guidance, the children began to identify and tap into their own inner capacities, strengths, and natural resilience. Mark used the metaphor of a personal toolbox and the symbols of real tools that translated easily into the idea of inner tools. The children “got it” immediately and loved it. They identified and named the 12 Tools together. Over many years, the Toolbox Project became a written curriculum and was implemented in more schools. Each school taught Mark more about ways to help teachers and students be kind and empathetic towards one another as well as using the Tools for their own personal empowerment.


Kindergarten has learned the difference between physical tools and these tools inside us. They understand that tools make our lives easier! The idea is that these toolbox tools will make their lives easier too. With older students, I address them as skills needed to have effective/positive outcomes in communication and relationships with others.
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Positive Behavior Intervention Systems - PBIS

In addition to Toolbox, our school has a PBIS team that supports the 3 character traits and expectations of all students: SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, AND RESPECTFUL. Our team takes an active approach in determining what effective measures are needed for students to meet these expectations.

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Starline Counselor's Corner

On the Starline Counselor's Corner, you will find more information in regard to Toolbox, monthly newsletters, resources, and further updates. Please note that if you have a concern about your child or have questions about how I can support your child, please reach out.