The Chia Seed Challenge

By Ziba Kisielius & Adam Kukielski

What was our experiment?

We wanted to see if Miracle Gro (a liquid fertilizer) would actually affect the growth of chia seeds. When we began our hypothesis was " If you add the recommended amount of Miracle Grow to the chia seeds, then the plants will grow faster than the chia seeds that did not receive Miracle Gro, because the liquid should help it grow faster."


  • Independent Variable- The amount of Miracle Gro given to the seeds
  • Dependent Variable- Height of chia seeds(cm)
  • Controlled Variables- Lighting, watering amount, soil, time, temperature
  • Extraneous Variables- Natural growth rates between different chia seeds
  • Standardized Variables- Watering amount, time of watering, temperature

The Setup

  1. First we collected 25 seeds, 5 seeds for each cup
  2. Next we filled each cup up with soil and put the seeds inside
  3. We labeled each cup so we would know how to properly water it
  4. All cups were watered with 10 ml
  5. The first cup was watered with plain water
  6. The next two cups received water with the recommended amount of Miracle Gro (5 drops)
  7. The last two cups received water with extra Miracle Gro (10 drops)
  8. On day 3 we saw no progress so we decided to change the watering amount from 10 ml to 5 ml
  9. On day 3 we also created a new cup with different soil (potting soil) and also gave it 10 ml
  10. And lastly we recorded the data on our Chromebooks and compared it with different days


Subject #1- No Miracle Gro, plain water

#2 and #3 - Watered with recommended amount of Miracle Gro (5 drops)

#4 and #5 - Watered with extra Miracle Gro (10 drops)

#6 - Created on Day 3, watered without Miracle Gro and was planted in potting soil


The first 3 days we had no growth, but on day 3 we created a new cup which was subject #6. When we came back from the weekend, subject #1 (nothing added) had grown 3 cm and subject #6 (potting soil, plain water) had grown 1 cm over just 3 days, while the other cups had not grown at all. The next 2 days, which were also our last days, subject #1 had grown 1 cm so now it was 4 cm, and subject #6 had grown 1 cm so now it was 2 cm.

The End

We think that the Miracle Gro activates after a longer time period, and that within a shorter time, it is best to just use plain water. If we ever did this experiment in the future, we would give the plants more sunlight, try using the Miracle Gro for a longer time, and stick to one amount of water during the whole experiment. I hope you liked reading about our chia seed experiment!