Social Innovation in Silicon Valley

Feb 9-20, 2016 | Deadline: Dec 6

Exploring Social Innovation (ESI) Program

VIA was founded at Stanford 50 years ago with a group of students who asked themselves "What kind of person do I want to become?" They wanted to engage with the world thoughtfully and began a journey to the other side of the world.

Join VIA & 20-25 passionate university students and young professionals from across Asia on our Exploring Social Innovation (ESI) Program to meet a new you. Grow your innovation mindset, strengthen your global social changemaker skills, and connect with a lifelong community beyond your borders.

Exploring Social Innovation Program
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Participant Voice

"During ESI, I met with a new city, a group of new friends and mentors, various new ideas and good stories, and the most important, a brand new me.

I realized the great power of technology and innovation in social problem-solving; I learned the critical importance of “empathy” and the real meaning of “help”;

All these new perspectives help explore my personal best and the field I’m passionate about of public good and social development. Now, almost one year passed, but my story with VIA never ends.”

—Tea Zhou, Peking University

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Program & scholarships open to university students & young professionals across Asia!


The ESI Program is offered by VIA, an educational non-profit organization based at Stanford University since 1963. Details of the ESI program can be found at