Serial Sickness

By:Julian Torres

Mental Serial Killers

My topic was mainly about the way a lot of serial killers feigned mental illnesses. In order for them to get out of going to prison they would tell the judge they had mental illnesses.In that case they would let them go to a mental institution. Some would get away with it then later on get caught after test are ran on them after they have been in the mental institution.

3 Facts

  1. Did you know that some people fake mental illness and get away with it.
  2. People can get years took en of their sentence if they claim they have mental illness.
  3. Mental illnesses are responsible for no more than 3% of violent crime in the U.S.

Some of the actual Serial Killers:

My Opinion

My opinion on this is that there should be test ran on the killers before they even go to trial so we could know if they bluff about there mental illness. Because if they do something that crazy there is something wrong with there brain.