by:Natalie Lynch


Bulgaria's government is a parliamentary democracy. They also have freedom of religion. the Constitution of Bulgaria gives them that right and helps the Bulgarians have equality. I think the government is cool and a lot like ours.


Bulgaria has a lot of gypsies and jews in it and that effects their culture. There are a lot of different people and religions but the biggest religion is Muslim. Their second is Christianity. Their medicen is mostly made up of herbs which I find is cool. They also have a lot of cool holidays too. Some are the same as ours, but others i haven't even heard of. They have New Years, Baba Marta, international woman's day, Labor day and a lot of other stuff too! Even when there isn't some holiday they are very neighborly! The Bulgarians pride themselves on their neighborliness so they always welcome others with opened arms! If you ever visit Bulgaria you may want to know that they are different in some ways. Like if you nod your head up and down you are saying "no" in Bulgarian and if you shake your head back and forth you are saying "Yes". So it's practically the opposite in america! I hope you like what I had to say about Bulgaria!

Famous landmarks. Sofia and Sunny beach!

Sofia is Bulgaria's capital and largest city. It is Bulgaria's center of culture and economy! It lies at the foot of Mt. Vitosha, which is also a popular place to visit. It also has an amazing history that stretches over one millennia! That makes it Bulgaria's oldest city as well.

Sunny beach has a lot of family-fun things to do! You can visit Nessebar village, play the Exit Game where you try to escape a locked room, go to Acton Aquapark, Bubble Beach Bar, and more! Sunny Beach is an amazing place to go to for family fun!

There are more fun places to visit in Bulgaria, but I'm lazy and I only had to do two. So on to the next topic!

Current event

The U.S.A. is going to help Bulgaria become less dependent on Russia. Bulgaria is dependent on Russia because they get 85% of their power from Russia and 100% of its nuclear energy from it. “No country in the world should be totally dependent for its energy supply on one other country,” Mr. Kerry once said. The United States is prepared to help Bulgaria, which has made difficult decisions in order to try to protect its energy future, We are committed to try to help attract investment and provide assistance." So I believe that Bulgaria is going to be helped! But I also think that the U.S.A. is only doing this because we are kind of at a rivalry against Russia, with us being a republic and them being a Communist country.