September 24, 2015

Welcome to Fourth Grade

What an amazing experience at the Outdoor Learning Center! Thank you to our chaperones for your time and energy. Students put their learning of scientific explanations into action by studying whether an elk, lynx, Arctic fox, or wolverine could be relocated to the North Texas area and survive. Our student scientists researched the basic needs of the animal through hands on discovery and developed a claim while supporting it with evidence and reasoning. Don’t forget to check out our Twitter page for pictures!

Language Arts/Social Studies

Next week, students will analyze characters and describe them as flat or round, dynamic or static through reading The Astronaut and the Onion. We will also use transition words in writing and continue to practice the grammar skills that we have learned these past few weeks. Research is the name of the game in Social Studies. Students will have an opportunity to become an expert on a region of Texas. Each child will learn more about a region and present their region to the class.


We will continue to add and subtract whole numbers and decimals. Our focus will be on subtracting whole numbers across zeros, and adding and subtracting decimal numbers to the hundredths. Students should be able to transfer their understanding of regrouping for whole number addition and subtraction to regrouping for decimal numbers. The test for Unit 2 will be Friday, October 2nd. Please encourage your child to bring home their math book to study for this test. Students may use the red "Test" pages 155-158 to prepare for the assessment.


Next week our students begin learning more about physical properties of matter while using a variety of scientific tools such as balance scales, graduated cylinders, thermometers, and more. Your student should be able to describe to you what matter is and how it can be measured. Students are practicing how to measure mass and volume of objects that have both regular and irregular shapes.

From the Teachers

  • It is progress report time. We do not send out paper reports, so please log-in to Parent Portal to see your child's current averages.
  • We are looking for parents to serve on our Site-Based Improvement Council (SBIC). If you would like more information or to sign up, please visit:
  • Be a star for our students and write a check to our PTA. See the information below regarding the Skaggs PTA Check Writing Campaign.
  • Reading Logs: Skaggs has a new reading program that we would love to encourage your children to participate in. With this reading program, your child will read at home and record the number of minutes that he or she has read each night. At the end of the week, your child can record the number of minutes read for the week on the following web site:
  • We would like to encourage your child to bring their electronic device. Electronic devices are being used in music, art, and guidance as well as in the content area classes.
  • We are lucky to have a parenting workshop here at Skaggs on Monday, October 5th, in the library from 11:00-12:00. This workshop is about building self esteem and encouraging motivation. For more information, please check the link below. Also, Nia Carranza, our Guidance Counselor has posted additional classes on her Google site that you may be interested in attending.
  • We have a website just for parents! You will find links, important information, and much more.
  • SPARKLE Store will open tomorrow morning! Sparkles are an incentive that we give to our students throughout the day. These sparkles may be used on Fridays to buy privileges in the Sparkle Store. The Sparkle Store is open from 7:30-7:45 a.m. You will find a link below for what your students may buy with their sparkles.
  • Library book checkout for fourth grade students will be on Mondays. A student may return the book any day of the week. Each class will have a library lesson with Mrs. Geiler on their assigned library day.

Important Dates

  • 9/24 Progress Reports
  • 10/5 Parenting Workshop
  • 10/6 Fall Picture Day
  • 10/12 Parent/Teacher Conference Day
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