Thorny dragon


The thorny dragon is a type of lizard. It has an intimidating group of spikes cover all the upper side of his body .

These thorny scales help him to defend himself from preditors


The thorny dragon usually lives in the desert that covers most of centeral Australia.

The habitation of the thorny dragon mostly have the regions of sandy soils.


In warm weather, the lizard is usually pale yellow and red, but it can change their colors to darker colors in cold weather or when alarmed. They change their color daily as the sun rises and they become more active. In the cool morning, thorny lizards are a drab olive-brown and get lighter as the temperature climbs.

what does it eat?

The thorny devil eats ants and some other little animals.

It drinks water that drips on his upper part of his body.

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Thorny Devil

Do i want it as a pet?

I think that it will be coll to have it as a pet beacuse i think he is nice and cute, and i think he can help my ant problem/

Why is he speacial.

I now this animal is speacial beacuse it has a bunch of cool abilitys

and has an amazing servaivel meganizem/