Romania Revolution


Many health problems face the people of Romania. Ever since the 1980s and 1990s many children in Romania have HIV/AIDS, also there are dangers of Hepatits B. The illnesses associated with heavy pollution, and smoking are very common. The government in the Western nation is trying to address the country's health problems. Health to all the citizens, but may be poorly equipping. Their are large numbers of children abandoned by not receive attention or care.

Romania's Flag

The scholars say that our flag colors represent the sky/freedom (for blue), the earth/richness (for yellow) and blood/mankind (for red).

Environmental Issues

Many issues in the country are mainly caused by industrial factories. The contributing factor caused air and water pollution. the heavy pollution and the smoking has caused illnesses. The factories, chemical plants, and electric power plants have been burning fossil fuels and high levels of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The nation’s industrial runoff in the Danube river system, making water unsafe for drinking and threatening the diverse ecosystems of the Danube delta.

Education in Romania

The education in Romania is good, it is free for students of the ages six to sixteen. The students education goes beyond the some required 10 years. University students are among the most Political change. University is determined by examinations and the number of space. After, they graduate most students seek employment, enter training, or prepare for university education.


There are many issues in Romania, such as the environmental issues with the pollution. The major issue is health problems. Romania needs to be pushed in to a revolution, because there are so many problems going on in Romania it needs to be pushed. the government needs to do something about all these issues in Romania, other wise the country will fall apart.