OzSpell Challenge 2012

A Spelling Bee for Students 10-14

What is the OzSpell Challenge?

OzSpell Challenge is a national spelling competition! The competition will start at LPS as we determine school champions to represent us at district finals. It is a fantastic opportunity to practise your spelling and develop confidence.

Classroom competitions begin mid-June in preparation for district finals in July.

Get spelling!

OzSpell Challenge

Monday, Jun 18th, 9am

29 Livingstone Road

Vermont South, VIC

If it's a competition, can you win something?

Every student who participates is a winner! The closer you get to be a District Finalist, the more things you can win! The overall champion will receive $5000 cash and a huge trophy, as well as $5000 cash for the school's library resources!

For spelling tips, click the link below!