Discovery of the Viperwolf

Found on Pandora

Meet the Viperwolf

Viperwolves are mostly black but are banded with vermilion and iridescent blue. They have 6 legs. Their paws are leathery with opposable thumbs. They have a paddle like tale that is used for stability. They are .7 meters tall and 1.5 meters long. It breathes out of it neck. It eats the Hexapedes, Prolemerius, and Taprius.


Meet Dr. Kordonowy

They viperwolf was discovered on Pandora while hunting down a few Taprius's in the rainforest. Dr. Kye Kordonowy heard the Viperwolves communicating with each other and followed the noise and hunted them down. Dr. Kordonowy is also famous for discovering the Thanator. He spends most of his time on Pandora looking for new discoveries.

Pandora Weekly

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