What I love about dance!

By Emilie A

Styles of Dance

There are many different styles of dance which range from totally different things. Here is a list of a few dance styles:

1. Hiphop Dance

2. Tap Dance

3. Ballet

4. Salsa

5. Line Dance

6. Ballroom

7. Contemporary

8. Jazz

There are many more as the list goes on...

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Physical Skills Required

The physical skills needed when dancing are posture (shoulders are relaxed and back is either straight or curved but not with force), alignment (even weight on both feet with knees bent over toes), balance (being stable during movement and managing your weight in the centre to help), flexibility (allowing your joints to move through a variety of motions), strength (you must be able to exert a muscle contract against resistance), stamina (the ability to keep going), coordination (control of breathing and accuracy of movements), spatial awareness (this isn't physical but it is important to know where your body parts are in relation to the motions) and contraction ( muscles tightening).

Famous Dancers

There are heaps of amazing and talented dancers all around the world but here a some of my favourites!

Common Dance Injuries

1. Dancers Fracture

2. Osteoarthritis

3. Snapping Hip

4. Herniated Disc

5. Shoulder Dislocation

6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What I love about dance

I love being able to move freely using and extending all of my body parts in several motions to create a type of 'dance'. I love the music playing in the background that makes my body move to the beat.

I love the fact that there are so many styles of dance to choose from or be interested in which really gives a board range of variety. I love that there are many healthy benefits to dancing such as improving your cardiovascular health, your muscles and ligaments and many more.